Vending Machine Business Opportunity

100% passive income with 12% pa fixed returns

Put your money to work for you.
Because you've got better things to do with your time.

Looking for a vending machine business opportunity without all the headaches and hard work?

You're in the right place.

Chatstone Pty Ltd manages the purchase and rental agreements of Water3 vending machines.

Our Water3 vending machines are 100% passive with fixed annual returns of 12%.

All you do is decide how many machines you want and we do the rest.

No trips to refill the machines, no calls from angry customers, no wasted time stuck in traffic. In fact, there's literally nothing for you to do at all!

Our vending machines sell natural spring water; with a choice of still or sparkling and reusable stainless-steel bottles, embedded with RFID contactless payment technology.

Locations include major shopping centres, universities, schools, and hospitals, offering an environmentally friendly, healthy and affordable option for everyone on the go.

Consistent Demand • Affordable • Convenient • Non-Perishable • 100% Passive

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The Numbers

Turn $25K Into $40K in 5 Years
100% Passive

How It Works

What You Do

  • Decide how many machines you want to secure
  • Get paid automatically by Water3 every month
  • Enjoy your extra free time and live your life to the fullest (knowing you're helping the environment, helping the community and helping yourself)

What Chatstone Does

  • Manages the purchase of Water3 kiosks
  • Pays you automatically by direct deposit every month directly into your bank account
  • Manages the buyback of the Water3 vending machine at the conclusion of your purchase agreement

What Water3 Does

  • Secures a suitable location for your Water3 vending machine
  • Transports your Water3 vending machine to that location
  • Installs your Water3 vending machine and fills it with natural spring water
  • Markets Water3 for you so that there's market demand
  • Offers a Water3 app so consumers can easily find the nearest Water3 machine
  • Monitors and maintains your Water3 vending machine
  • Refills your Water3 vending machine with natural spring water
  • Manages resource planning software to identify and manage kiosk faults

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What other Water3 Vending Machine Owners Have To Say

"To earn 12% is great relative to 4% in the bank, I’ve seen people using the machines at Pac fair shopping mall so it’s very real to me and I’ve already started earning interest. It’s a bonus that it’s also good for the environment."

Stuart Mackenzie
Water3 vending machine owner

"I’ve been invested in a few machines now over a number of months and I'm very happy with the returns. I don’t have to worry about the payments turning up on time either, as they've never been late."

Janette Randall
Water3 vending machine owner

Water3 Vending Machines
Making News

We believe everyone should benefit

At Water3 we believe that businesses should focus on being socially responsible and that all those involved or impacted should be better off because the business exists.

Investors, employees and the community. That’s what Water3 is all about.

This is the main reason why we're offering a limited number of these machines to Australian Mum and Dad investors as well and not just to the larger venture capital funds who have also seen the significant opportunity this represents and have already invested in Water3.